S-Bahn pre-runner

S-Bahn-Vorläufer 1
RABDe 12/12 “Mirage” Foto: Werner Hardmeier

S-Bahn predecessor operation with RABDe 12/12 “Mirage” at Zurich Stadelhofen station, April 1985.
Who still remembers the “Gold Coast Express” hung with blue (train destination display) and yellow (self-check) boards?
There was no subway in the double-track Stadelhofen station before the conversion. Track 2 was only accessible after the train had left track 1.
Incidentally, the Geneva-based Orca Bank was deleted from the commercial register in 1995.
Photo: Werner Hardmeier.

RABDe 12/12 “Mirage” Foto: Werner Hardmeier

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31. January 2022 15:47

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