Hard worker in freight transport

Re 4-4' 10039
Hard worker in freight traffic: Re 4/4′ 10039 Photo: Werner Hardmeier

SBB light express locomotive as a heavy worker in freight traffic: Re 4/4 I 10039 serves Schönbühl SBB station with a long line of cars for the Migros distribution center in April 1988. Operations at the small station were demanding because the two main tracks had to handle the entire train traffic between Bern and Olten until the Grauholz tunnel opened in 1995. Ee 3/3 16316 took care of the fine distribution at that time. Photos: Werner Hardmeier

Ee 3/3 16316
Ee 3/3 16316 at Schönbühl SBB station Photo: Werner Hardmeier

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