FO Ge 4/4 III

The FO Ge 4/4 III 81 and 82 were built for the car trains in the Furka tunnel. Since they were finished earlier than the tunnel, they were delivered to the RhB for commissioning, where they were then also in service with regular trains for some time.

FO Ge 4/4 III
On March 27, 1982, Ge 4/4 III 81 + 82 are ready for departure in double traction in front of an express train in Davos Platz. Such double traction occurred several times during the commissioning phase. I don’t remember whether it was out of fear because of systems that had not yet been optimized (such as the anti-slip system) or to test the multiple control system. Photo: Edi Meier
FO Ge 4/4 III
Ge 4/4 III 81 + 82 on April 3, 1982 in double traction on the old Serneus bridge. Photo: Edi Meier
Ge 4/4 III 81 with a typical passenger train (D – AB – B) that has been added with freight on April 3, 1982 near Jenaz Photo: Edi Meier

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