FART and Tram Locarno

On April 30, 1960, the Locarno tramway ceased operation.

The Centovalli Railway FART took over the tram’s route through the old town. She used this route via the Piazza Grande until the construction of the bypass line around the ‘Quartiere Nuovo’ district in the late 1930s. However, it continued to use it as an emergency bypass of its own line which ran along the lake and was flooded from time to time during high water. The tram line across the city was probably never used and was abandoned shortly afterwards.

The railway line along the lake was replaced by a new tunnel in 1990.

In addition, the Ce 2/2 1 to 3 were taken over as shunting vehicles and for the maintenance service. While number 6 (ex 2) quickly received a new modern body, car 1, now Xe 2/2 7, remained more or less in its original condition and is still preserved today as a museum vehicle.

On May 2nd, 1987, the Xe 2/2 7 drove through the city again for railway enthusiasts taking photos.

Xe 2/2 7 on the old route near the San Antonio station.    May 2, 1987      Photo: Edi Meier
Xe 2/2 7 on the original FART route along the lake.    May 2, 1987      Photo: Edi Meier
Xe 2/2 7 at the Castello racing with a bus that had once replaced it…    May 2, 1987      Photo: Edi Meier