JB Rowan trainset

At the Eigergletscher station, we observe two locomotives next to each other: on the left, locomotive 11 with two preset carriages, on the right, the Rowan train with supported car 22 and preset car 21 September 11, 1982 Photo : Edi Meier

In excellent weather, the Jungfrau Railway’s Rowan trainset could be photographed on September 11, 1982 on one of its rare outings. It ran from Kleine Scheidegg to the intermediate station Eigergletscher and back. This train was the only roadworthy Rowan consist in Switzerland. The unique feature of this construction is that the passenger car is supported on one side of the locomotive chassis. This increases the axle load on the traction unit and thus its stability.
The Rowan train was no longer in its original condition when it was pictured. Built in 1904, locomotive 6 was fitted with a spring-loaded gearbox and a new body in the 1950s. It was also rebuilt for operation with the new catenary voltage of 1125 volts and 50 hertz introduced in the 1960s. In 1968, the locomotive caught fire together with the Rowan car B 11 and the additional car B 12 at the Fallboden stop. As the Jungfrau Railway fire department had an exercise that day, they arrived too late at the scene of the fire. A year later, the locomotive was repaired. It was given a modern locomotive body and united with the Rowan B 22 car, which had been delivered in 1951.

Although I also have color slides from this event, I think this series of black and white photos is great and appropriate for the age of the vehicle.


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