Alpine cattle transport on the ASD

vineyard above Aigle
The extra train with railcars 3 + 1 in the vineyard above Aigle

On 28 September 1983, an Alpine cattle transport took place on the ASD (Aigle Sépey Diablerets). All 5 of the company’s own closed freight wagons K 41 to 45 and the K 65 of the neighbouring AOMC were used. The cows were loaded in le Sépey and unloaded in Aigle after a journey of 13.78 km.
Today, it is hard to imagine that such a huge effort was made in terms of personnel, cleaning of the freight wagons and ordering of extra trains for this short journey.
Somewhere in the depths of my memory there is a hint that this action was carried out because of an anniversary, perhaps of an alpine cooperative. Does anyone know more? Use the form for comments!


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