SGEG General Assembly 2022

The SGEG General Assembly took us to the canton of Jura.

Rotonde Delémont and Collection Historische Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft HEG

In the morning, Martin Gysin (founding member / vice president and operation manager) guided us through the Rotonde Delémont with a lot of passion. It protects part of the collection of very lovingly restored passenger carriages and also some locomotives. Other vehicles are waiting outside for money and time for their refurbishment.

Martin Gysin drew our attention to many details and described in detail his own research results and findings on carriage construction in the years 1900 to 1920. He found interested listeners and expert discussion partners among the SGEG members. HEG attaches great importance to really authentically restored cars. Somewhat surprising for all participants was Martin Gysin’s finding that the shadow writing originally used a chocolate-brown color and not black as is commonly used today. A correspondingly labeled car shows the same shades of gray in black-and-white photographs as in historical photographs and not as harsh contrasts. Further investigation into how the lettering of the rolling stock was carried out (font height, typeface, position of the individual lettering) apparently took nights and all too often ended in dead ends. It was all the more surprising that documents came to light… And we witnessed how the B 3505 was measured for the correct placement of the address for II class, corrected, measured again and hours passed.

Martin Gysin: Thank you very much for this insight into your valuable work!

Link to HEG website

AGM at the historic restaurant “La Petite Gilberte” in Courgenay

The stylishly restored restaurant “La Petite Gilberte” is well known, at least to the older generation, thanks to the movie of the same name directed by Franz Schnyder and the unforgettable Annemarie Blanc as Gilberte.
Mrs. Bernasconi, the current owner, did a lot of research about the past of the house, the background of the film and the family of the real Gilberte and gave us some interesting details. Unfortunately, only a few people were able to follow her explanations because of the ambient noise.

Link to La Petite Gilberte website

Here you will find the program according to the invitation (in German)


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