Yesterday’s railways – experience them today!

You will find information about the association, our planned and past excursions into the world of Swiss railway and industrial history, and lots of interesting facts about the world of railways.

SBB B3 3860 passenger carriagePostwagen BD Z 103Freight car SBB P 5430161819_85_00624SBB B3 3754 passenger carriageDe 4/4 1669 + Ee3/3 16375Railcar BTB BCE 4/4 9Freight car SBB P 553219DIENSTWAGEN TRB XE 2/2 11819_85_012141819_85_010631BCe 4/4 8 railcarBVB trailerFreight car SBB O 73301SBB steam freight train at the GotthardFreight car SBB O 73301SPEISEWAGEN RHB DR4 3001